Faith-Based Community Support

Christians United Outreach Center (CUOC) is a faith-based, community supported, short-term financial crisis intervention center. Incorporated on November 12, 1993, we’ve been serving the people of Randolph County for 28 years.

The Center first opened its doors in 1994 after numerous churches and community leaders determined that many Randolph County residents were not getting adequate help during times of financial crisis. We were created to provide that help, and have since been a sustaining resource for over 32,500 families who live and work in the area.

Christians United Outreach Center is here because the people of Randolph County are generous, caring, and committed to our mission and our community. We believe that everyone should have a high quality of life that includes both work, play, health and regular meals, and our very hard working and compassionate volunteers, staff, and dedicated board members make sure this happens.

The reason that CUOC still exists and can be a viable resource for the community is because of the faithful prayers and financial support of those who believe in our mission. If you’d like to get involved call us today at 336-625-1500.

Our Mission

Partnering with our community, meeting people at their point of need, following the example of Christ.

Our Goals

The first goal of CUOC is to “meet people at their point of need following the example of Christ” as stated in our mission statement. As a result, the Center provides short-term solutions for individuals and families facing situations outside of their control. We’re then on hand until they no longer require assistance for their basic needs. This means establishing a long-term plan, securing better employment, and /or changing their circumstances.

Our second goal is to continually adapt to the changing needs of our community by making our services more accessible and relevant to those who need them.

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