Food Pantry and Remote Distribution

Reach out to us if you are in need of food. We have a drive thru pantry at 930 S. Fayetteville Street, Asheboro in Randolph County. Check our calandar or contact us to learn more about remote food distribution sites and schedules.


10/14/2021 by Dana

In need of food please email me details

01/30/2022 by Erica Welch

In need of food & clothing for myself only I'm about to become homeless I'd greatly appreciate it

06/06/2022 by Dawn

In neee of food for my family

10/19/2022 by Koralys Lopez

I hope my email finds you well. My name is Koralys Lopez, Case Manager with the Immigrant Assistance Center at FaithAction International House. We are a Greensboro non-profit organization who serve and advocate alongside thousands of newcomers each year, while educating and connecting diverse communities across lines of culture and faith – turning strangers into neighbors! I'm reaching out to see who I can get in contact to learn more about the program and how we can refer clients for assistance.

11/27/2022 by Bre Jernigan

In need of food for my son and myself.

12/05/2022 by Lori Tracy and 3 kids

In need of food ASAP. Anything appreciated. Thank you and God Bless You

12/24/2022 by Kelia Webster

Please help I'm in desperate need for food. I'm stranded I cannot get a ride anywhere Please help

12/28/2022 by Terry Alston

Greetings , I had been homeless and now I have a place. But can not afford a bed/ Box spring for myself. I'm 64 and retired used every dime to move in here and borrow. In need of food to. Please contact. Thank you all.

07/31/2023 by Tammy Adams

I am disabled and in need of food for me, my daughter and her husband and five kids. We are below the proverty line. Her husband works but doesn't get enough hours or enough pay to help.

08/07/2023 by Tylar kennedy

I am 20 and I live by my self I’m in need of food

09/11/2023 by Mitchell lilly

They are good people

09/21/2023 by Rhonda anthony

How often in a month one can go for food is it one time a week or one time a month?

09/28/2023 by Yonatan

I am 20 and I live by my self I’m in need of food And I dont have a Job

10/04/2023 by Kristy Griffin

I have lost my foodstamps due to pay raise at work and then had unexpected bills come up that could not wait and now I can't afford food family of 3 please help thank you and God bless.

04/10/2024 by WoodardRita

Im wondering when can i vome to get good i just moved here from va

05/09/2024 by Annette Spivey

Food please

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